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Church - Culture - Leadership

A sound strategy and an excellent leadership cadence may still miss the mark if churches fail to understand their cultural setting. Embassy Equipping will help you and your team walk through a biblical theology of culture and a missional cultural stance for your church.

  • Outcomes: A shared understanding of a theology of culture and a biblical cultural stance for your church.

  • Format: Normally an in-person seminar format in a team setting. Can be accomplished over a single day or a weekend. If not local to the St. Louis, MO area, pre-work can be accomplished without travel with a single in-person seminar to complete the training. We can also conduct the seminar virtually if required in your context.

  • Investment: Tiered approach based on church size: $500 - $1500*


A Gracious, Biblically Themed Cultural Conversation

The Embassy Newsletter is an attempt to represent a Christian perspective in a conversation that does not assume belief or even an understanding of the Bible or Christian Theology. Every two weeks, we address a trend or aspect of our culture from a biblical perspective in a (hopefully) gracious way. Every two weeks, we use that dispatch from The Embassy as the basis for our On Culture podcast. I would love for you to jump in and check it out. Most of the content is available to free subscribers. Check us out at


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